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Ordering Codes for Standard Liquid Filter Bags

Are you looking for aftermarket replacement filter bags
or cartridges at a competitive price?

We are known for our quality engineered aftermarket filter bags for dust control and dust collection, and the custom design and fabrication of liquid filter bags for filtration of paints, inks, adhesives, tinctures, solvents, etc. We also manufacture rotary drum filter covers, plate and frame filter covers, leaf filter covers, and Diatomaceous earth filter elements and element covers, used for anything from wastewater treatment to crystal clear swimming pool water.

Count on us to supply the replacement bags, tubes, sleeves and filter cartridges required to keep your liquid filter or dust collection system, reverse air, shaker, or pulse jet systems operating at peak efficiency. We also pride ourselves on supplying the best filter cartridge for use in dust collectors and diesel engines. The premium blend media we use is engineered for maximum collection efficiency.

Made-to-order cloth filters in just about any fabric and fiber ... for just about every industry. When stock answers aren't good enough, you need to speak with Textile Industries.
We are a custom cut and sew manufacturer, and are specialists in the fabrication of quality-engineered textile pollution control and filtration products. Because we stock a broad range of materials, quick response to non-standard orders is the norm. And short runs of custom bags are a specialty!

Call between 8:30AM-4:30PM CST Monday-Friday
Ask for Ross Haynes

Textile Industries, Inc.
2414 W. Cullerton
Chicago, IL 60608-2401
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All our custom-sewn products are made in the United States.


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